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Succesful First Start

Posted by jeffdoricott on July 27, 2007

Our first start on July 16, 2007 was a huge success-the largest first start in the company’s history.  This is due to the high demand of heavy equipment operators in Northern California. 

The students at Northern California College of Construction our well on their way to a succesful career!

Jeff Dorricott

College President

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Press Release

Posted by jeffdoricott on July 25, 2007

The Northern California College of Construction opened its doors on July 16, 2007.

Historically, the male, non-traditional, college-bound student population has been under served. For women, non-traditional higher education is generally served through cosmetology schools, medical assistant schools, and career colleges. However, the male-dominated trades have been overlooked by the majority of the higher education community. Community colleges do serve a portion of the male population, but not to the level necessitated by educational demands.

In past years, students were given the opportunity to learn a trade by going to vocational schools. Unfortunately, these “trade schools” have diminished, and electronics schools are becoming obsolete. Electronics are no longer repaired-they are replaced. The training of welders, truck drivers, crane operators, and equipment operators have been lacking in recent years, leading to a shortage of well-trained professionals.

The educational community is not meeting the needs of several facets of the male population: the non-traditional, college-bound high school graduate, the high school graduate who is not college-bound, and the high school drop out. This large population is severely under-served by the traditional college educational products. Matt Klabacka, president of NAHETS, believes that the market is ripe for a product that provides an alternative to the current educational options, at the same time meeting the need for nationally certified heavy equipment operators.

Klabacka states: “Post-secondary students can be defined in five separate categories: the traditional college-bound student, the semi-traditional college-bound student, the non-traditional college-bound student, the non college-bound student, and the high school dropout. “

Northern California College of Construction aims to serve the needs of these students by supplying industries with a qualified, motivated, and skilled entry-level equipment operator.

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS was formed to improve upon and fill the needs of the equipment operator shortage around the country. A short review of Wikipedia shows that NAHETS is the nationally recognized organization to oversee quality and standards within the heavy equipment industry. NAHETS campuses utilize standardized curriculum produced by the National Center for Construction Education, and institutional standards.

Members schools and colleges of NAHETS must have the following:

* Full time campus director or college president
* Full time on site campus job placement director
* Full time on site campus financial aid director
* Full time on site campus admissions director
* Full time on site Heavy equipment training director
* Full time Certified heavy equipment training instructors
* 20 acre minimum heavy equipment training area
* 3-4 classrooms dedicated to training heavy equipment operators
* No other business conducted at training site
* Clean administrative facilities.

A heavy equipment training school that wishes to join NAHETS must have no other activity associated with the operation of the school. In other words, 100% of their operations must be dedicated to training heavy equipment operators.

“Our focus here at Northern California College of Construction is to equip
our students with a solid foundation to become successful as a Heavy
Equipment and Crane operators. We have built an educational environment
specifically aimed at providing technology with hands on learning practices.
We are here because we are passionate about what we do and that is what will
set our students down the path of success.”

Jeff Dorricott

College President

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Posted by nahetsblog on July 9, 2007

Jeff Doricott, president of the California College of Constuction, north campus, will be posting here. More to come on news from our campus.

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