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JCB Unveils 60 MPH “World’s Fastest Backhoe Loader” to Assist U.S. Army

Posted by nahets on February 15, 2008

Help is on the way for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but not in its usual form. This time “help” is the “JCB High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE),” a.k.a. the “world’s fastest backhoe loader.” I like to think of it as the “Batmobile of Heavy Equipment.” Its speed, mobility, and design will improve the capabilities of field commanders in front patrols. See batmobile of heavy equipment for the original article. See website directly below for video and other multi-media HMEE resources.

JCB HMEE Military BackhoeJCB HMEE Site

A few highlights of the article:


  • The HMEE travels up to 60 mph on paved roads and cross country surfaces
  • Full suspension and ABS brakes
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Run-flat tires and roll-over protection
  • 17.55 tons with armor and 15.75 tons without armor
  • 6.7-liter diesel
  • Lifts 2.2 tons, digs 13 ft deep


  • Provide battlefield commanders more capabilities in front patrols
  • Increase Mobility and counter-mobility
  • Provide water and supplies, build burms, lay electrical lines, etc.

JCB Construction Equipment is the creator of the HMEE. It was 4 years in the making and built specifically for the U.S. Military. JCB is the world’s largest privately owned construction business.

Here is brief video about some other JCB military equipment.





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Job Fair and Grand Opening for Northern California College of Construction

Posted by nahets on February 5, 2008

From Marci Monteiro, Placement Director:

Northern California College of Construction (NCCC) just held our first job fair in addition to a grand opening. This event was a huge success. We were able to take this opportunity and get great publicity about the school, and also create some awesome job leads for the graduates. Employers also had a chance to visit the campus and to see what we are all about. The following employers participated in the job fair:



• A Plus Material
• Adecco
• Blois Construction Inc.
• Burns Robert Construction Inc.
• Business Industry Association
• Caltrans
• Central Valley Rentals
• City of Stockton
• DSS Construction
• East Bay MUDD
• Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.
• Granite Construction
• Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce
• Operating Engineers
• Raytheon Polar Services
• Robb’s Earthmoving Service
• Sheedy Drayage Co.
• Solano Construction
• The Hire Source
• US Army
• Visionary Home Builders

Northern California College of Construction would like to thank all of the employers who participated in this event, and contributing to our community!! Thanks to everyone here at the NCCC for getting it set up!

We had a live broadcasting from the radio station the HAWK 104.1 and The Stockton Record newspaper published an article about the school and its training. Many showed up to witness the ribbon cutting by Campus President Charina Olitan. There was over two hundred in attendance at this event!! We had a great time, and look forward to the next job fair!

ncccjobfair.jpg ncccjobfair2.jpg

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