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Port of Stockton

Posted by nahetsblog on July 22, 2009

cargoes as well as containers and steel products and are equipped with 15-cubic yard grabs and container frames. Both facilities can handle cargo from vessels direct to truck, rail (one of two loop railroad tracks serves Dock 10\11), dockside storage and by conveyor.

Recounting the Port of Stockton’s assets, it has first class warehouse storage and handling facilities for both dry and liquid bulk materials, facilities and equipment to handle break-bulk and containerized cargoes by land or by sea. Immediate access to two transcontinental railroads is complemented by two loop railroads, one on-dock, for accommodating unit trains for export of coal, petroleum coke, and ores, plus consolidation of rail shipments of inbound and outbound steel coils. All of these components place the Port in an ideal position for domestic as well as national and international distribution.

Relative to industrial development, the Port is especially attractive to, and interested in, attracting projects that require waterborne transportation for delivery of raw or finished goods.

All of the Port’s services are directed by experienced people through one administrative complex. This provides a unique advantage for flexibility as well as efficiency. The Port of Stockton publishes tariffs, stevedores cargoes, assigns berths, supervises cargo activity, provides shipping documentation, accounting and rate quotations. It is a broad hands-on effort that includes marketing, traffic, property management, warehousing, distribution, data processing and police protection services to its customers.

The Port of Stockton’s staff welcome your interest and invite your inquiries concerning the Port’s services and facilities. Please see our Contact page for information.
port of stockton

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