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Crane Called in to Lift Wind Turbine

Posted by nahetsblog on August 17, 2011

Dubuque, IA,

Oops! the image is hard to view ….

A truck transporting a huge windmill blade tried making a left turn…and the rear portion of said blade (tip) hangs out over the end of the wheels…and another semi behind him, apparently in a big rush, attempted to turn right BEFORE the blade cleared the intersection, and the 2nd semi’s trailer got lodged underneath…ripping the top of the trailer, and getting them all STUCK…call in crane, to lift blade off top of 2nd semi. Ya think he’s gonna have a job after today?

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Has Perry Created Jobs in Texas?

Posted by nahetsblog on August 13, 2011

According to CNN Money — Texas has created a lot of jobs over the 10 years that Rick Perry’s been governor — there’s no doubt about it.

Perry, who is formally launching his presidential candidacy on Saturday, is making his state’s economic prowess a centerpiece of his campaign. Already he’s been bragging about his state being the "epicenter of job growth."

Texas has gained more than 1 million net new jobs in the decade Perry has led the state. And it’s been going strong since the recession ended.

"We are home to fewer than one in 10 Americans … but four in 10 new American jobs are in our state," he told a conference of state legislators from around the nation this week.

But that doesn’t mean that all is well with employment in the Lone Star State. Texas leads the nation in minimum-wage jobs, and many positions don’t offer health benefits. Also, steep budget cuts are expected to result in the loss of more than 100,000 jobs.

Perhaps most importantly, Texas can’t create jobs fast enough to keep up with its rapidly growing population. Since 2007, the state’s number of working-age residents expanded by 6.6%, nearly twice the national average.

Factoring in that population growth means Texas would need to create another 629,000 jobs, or 5.6% more positions, just to reach its pre-recession employment level, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

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