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Fourth Quarter 2011

Posted by nahetsblog on February 6, 2012

North Dakota still leads the country in the lowest unemployment,the oil fields are in dire straights trying to hire qualified help.Right now the estimates are they need to fill between 40,000 and 45,000 jobs.Heavy equipment operators, pipe fitters,CDL drivers,riggers,crane operatorsand engineers are all in need. If you are interested in working in North Dakota here are a few sites that are looking for help.www.ndoiljobs.com,,,,,,,,www.midwestoiljobs.com ,,,,,www.willistonlife.com www.rigzone.com ,,,,,,,www.rockinthebakken.com This is the toll free number for a job recruiter that is looking for crane operators,according to their web site they have 29 positions that need filling,,,866-256-6900 Conway Freight is looking for CDL drivers their toll free number is 1-800-641-4747 The United States Department of Agriculture are looking for heavy equipment operators their number is 202-720-2791 Be patient.

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