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Interstate 5

Posted by nahetsblog on February 15, 2012

Salem ,OR The second phase of the 2008 highway reconstruction bill is slated to begin in April 2012,the first phase of the bill was the bridges,the second phase is all of the overpasses and on and off ramps,that,s from Canada to Mexico , the second phases is expected to increase the work force by 15 to 18 percent.

Out of the 20 largest metropolitan areas in CA 17 of them saw a small increase in new home sales during the last quarter of 2011.That is two years in a row but it is still a long way to go before it gets back to where it was in 2007.New home sales is the driving force behind our economic woes.It is estimated that for every two houses that are built ,their are one to one and a half full time jobs created.Their is no industry that can create so much full time unsubsidized employment like new home sales.

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