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May 11,2012

Posted by nahetsblog on May 10, 2012

Riverside CA is now in the top five areas in the country with the highest percentage of construction employment,according to the N.L.P. with the current construction and permits that have been approved but not started the unemployment rate of heavy equipment operators should be below five percent for the remainder of 2012 and all of 2013.Out of the largest 337 metropolitan areas CA has two in the top six for construction employment,

Home prices are finally beginning to rise,the nation has fewer homes for sale and that is driving the prices up especially in the areas where the supplies were low to begin with.The number of houses for sale at the end of April was 22 percent lower than at the end of April 2011. The National Association of Realtors reported that that figure was 41 % lower than the peak of mid 2007.First quarter home sales were up 5.8% from a year ago,but keep in mind the first quarter of 2011 was terrible. NAR says that median price rose in 74 of 146 largest markets in the country,but the foreclosures that are hurting the median price is not going to go down any time soon,in fact, foreclosures may go up now that the mortgage brokers have made their 25 billion dollar settlement with the federal and states.

If and when the number of foreclosures goes back to the 2005 % the median price of the single family dwelling will start to steadily climb back to where it was before the bubble burst,most experts feel that by the end of 2012 that the number of foreclosed homes will go back to the prebubble rate. Then the contractors that build new houses wont have to worry about the foreclosed houses driving the price down to below cost. When the general contractors go back to building singe family dwellings,all of the construction employment will see a increase,the heavy equipment schools that have been slow will see an increase in the number of students who will need to get the proper heavy equipment training , Ca has hot and cold spots from one end to the other,but when the single family dwellings are in demand the number of cold spots will dwindle and the number of hot spots will soar.

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May 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on May 8, 2012

April 2012 saw a loss of 43,000 jobs across the country it seems like a lot but their were 243,000 added in January and 211,000 added in February of 2012 ,the unemployment percentage went up a little in april but that came after four months in a row with modest gains,construction equipment sales were down in April too,

Out of the largest 337 metropolitan areas in the lower 48 states 155 saw an increase in the number of construction permits applied for,that is only a .1% increases over last year, the total value of those contracts was .5% increase over last year.In addition 44 of these metropolitan areas saw no change over thesame period of time in 2011 and 138 had a decrease construction,the schools that teach heavy equipment training have seen a changein what the employers expect from an entry level employee over the last three or four years,the heavy equipment trainging needs to teach the students what the employers expect from their entry level employees,that can be accomplished in a miriad of different ways.

A private researce group known as The Conference Board says that the consumer confidence index went from 61.5 in March 2012 to 71.5 in April 2012. Their senior technical advisor said that after the first quarter of 2011 everyone was predicting a bouble dip recession to follow, then the DOW went fom 10,400 to over 12,300 and the unemployment number leveled off.The S and P 500 and the NASDAQ followed suit.

According to the Bureau of Statisrics the constructionemployment is at the highest level since the fourth quarter of 2008,the fourth quarter of 2008 was the lowest it had been since the recession of 1982,

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