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JULY 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on July 24, 2012

Initial jobless claims dropped to its lowest level in four years during the first week in July,their were 14,000 new claims bringing the total to374,000,the more accurate and less volatile four week running average improved to 358,000.Construction employment rose by 8000 jobs ,reversing eight weeks of stagnation.The Associated General Contractors said that June was the worst month in the second quarter but it was still on the plus side.

Washington D.C. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said last week that heavy equipment operators was listed number 4 on their list of "in demand" careers,this is the list of 101 "hard-to-fill" occupations.Citing their 2020 Vision report Secretary Rosalinde Baldoz said that this line of work can absorb yhe most in the next five to ten years.Requirements are a high school diploma,experience or graduating from a heavy equipment school or heavy equipment training through a on-the-job apprenticeship,the more pieces of equipment you can run safely the better,the three most common pieces found on the job site are back-hoe,grader and bulldozer.you need to be acquainted with hand signals and radio communication,basic knowledge of site planning,ground conditions,map reading,basic maintenance,and be able to read,check and shoot grade.

Salaries vary widely depending on who,where,when and the client but the entry level range is between $3500 and $6500 per month,their is foreign work available and the compensation is even more varying ,but it is at least 50 percent more than the wages paid in the states.

Secretary Baldoz that the job market is increasing in all of the heavy equipment construction market,the mining sector has increased the most over the last two years,when the spot price of gold is less than the extraction cost of getting the ore it makes no sense to keep digging.Four years ago the price of gold was less than $600 per ounce and a lot of mid-sized and small mines that were forced to close down,now with the price between $1500 and $1700 per ounce most of those mines are open again.

If you are interested in a mining job these web sites are advertising for jobs,the pay is $19 to $24 per hour,www.rigzone.com or www.StromEngineering.com

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July 03, 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on July 3, 2012

LoJack Corp. just released their 12th annual Construction Equipment Theft Study, no surprises to speak of, in the United States their was about 300 million dollars worth of equipment stolen in 2011, out of that about 8.8 million was recovered.Their were 80 theft rings and chop shops raided and 40 arrests were made.For the third year in a row the number one piece stolen was a Ford light work truck, light utility trucks are the stolen at twice the rate of any other piece of equipment, followed by back-hoes, skid steers, and generators.These top four represent 87 percent of all the equipment stolen, the four manufacturers with the most stolen are Ford,John Deere, Caterpillar and Bobcat, these four account for 52 percent of the total.The states with the most pieces stolen did not change , they are CA number one followed by TX and FL, all three have access to international borders and international ports,

Washington D.C. the Conference Committee reached a tentative deal on the transportation bill they have been working on for two years,its a three bill package they sent to the President, this gives the congress bragging rights on what they say is their biggest economic achievement before the November elections, this package had bipartisan support , one of the sponsors was going to save or create 2.8

million jobs,that is what is known as Washington math, one thing missing from this is the Keystone XL project , this is a hot button issue that is going to have to wait until the November elections are in your review mirror , it is only a matter of time until is is approved and started but the sooner the better for anyone in the heavy equipment school business ,for anyone that has completed a heavy equipment training

program the Keystone XL project is going to open up tens of thousands of jobs, every person that leaves a job to go to work on the pipeline creates a job opening for someone who is just getting into the construction business.

Airbus has estimated that the new plant they are going to build in Mobile Alabama is going to create about 2500 jobs in the construction industry, this is going to cost about 600 million dollars and when finished it will need between 400 and 500 full time permanent employees, the European plane maker is owned by EADS. Construction employment rose in 164 of the largest 337 metropolitan areas in the

county,it decreased in 126 and remained unchanged in the rest.

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