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September 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on September 28, 2012

The five largest equipment manufacturers have seen a big increase in the sales of mining equipment,I am sure this has to do with the price of gold,gold is still over $1500 per ounce,that is more than twice the price three years ago,when gold was selling for 600 dollars per ounce their were a lot of mines that were forced to shut down,with current extraction techniques and modern equipment lots of the mines that were shut down five years ago are now very profitable.

Verisk Crime Analytics has started a national information bank,to help lesson the amount of equipment thefts and to increase the number of stolen pieces recovered,the information bank is going to help the insurance companies,policy holders and law enforcement.

The city of Saskatoon,Canada in partnership with their local community college started a heavy equipment training program,after one year they were proud to announce that they had graduated 8 students and 7 of them had gone to work,,,,,,,, I am not sure that was worth bragging about,the " Black Sands of Alberta" oil fields currently is in need of 75,000 people to fill current to openings,and that is just to get to 75 % capacity,any Canadian who has the job skills and is willing to live in Alberta has at least one job waiting for them as soon as they get their,that cannot be said of their big brother to the south,Canadian nationals get precedence over all others, after looking at the job application on the net I got the impression you could get a Presidential appointment and Senate conformation for a cabinet post with less work and documentation that they require.

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