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November 10,2012

Posted by nahetsblog on November 20, 2012


Considering Sandy had already been downgraded from a hurricane to severe storm the damage was astounding, a real life perfect storm ,this is the third storm that has pummeled this part of the country over the last two years.No one expected 13 foot storm surges, so between the pounding rain,flooding,surging waves,loss of power and fires that tri-state area has it’s hands full.With the memory of Katrina still fresh in everyone’s mind, it would not have surprised me if some of the communities were over prepared,but that was not the case.How do you prepare for a 50 ton crane boom hanging 700 feet above the ground.It took a team of experts to figure out how to fasten it so it would not be dangerous,and they succeeded so my hat is off to them.

The estimated damages are between 15 and 20 billion dollars,that is a double edged sword,my best guess is that in that part of the country 90 % of all the property that was damaged by the storm is insured and will be fixed or replaced within the next three years,that is going to be a big boom for all the local General Contractors and heavy equipment operators,unlike Katrina where most of the people living in the ninth ward were just renting. The property owners lived somewhere else and were not very eager to spend money fixing up the damaged property because the memory of all the damage was still fresh in their minds,and no matter what anyone says they are still 29 feet below sea level and the sea is only a half mile away. Even though the hurricane was not the reason the ninth ward flooded,it was the failed levies that caused all of the flooding, but in their minds it was the hurricane that made the levies fail.


It is not a secret that they meet every ten years,but everything else they do is,the most populated country on earth for the first time is reflecting on their population control programs.

The Communists Party has named Xi Jinping as the new leader for the next ten years, every ten years the Communists Party gets together to appoint their leader,the term is for ten years and as far as any one knows the position,once offered has never been turned down,(I have a feeling I know why),experts for weeks were speculating or guessing who was going to get anointed to the top spot.Well,as usual we were surprised,he was not on anyone’s short list,heck some of the experts did not know how to spell or pronounce his name. His name is spelled Xi Jinping, you are on your own when it comes to pronouncing.

The first and most pressing issue is for the first time in quite a while the economy got the hiccups,I would be willing to bet a hundred dollars against a hole in a doughnut that some of the newer members sitting on the leadership council cannot remember a time when China was worried about the economy not growing or not growing fast enough,almost for the last decade China’s biggest problem with regards to the economy has been controlling the growth, in the last quarter their economy took a little dip, and I do mean a little dip,during the second quarter of 2012 their economy grew at a rate of 7.65 % adjusted annually. During the third quarter of 2012 their economy grew at a rate of 7.15 % adjusted annually, does that really sound like the wolves are at the door. Our Fed Chairman and President would be doing handstands and jumping for joy if we were growing at one half that rate,O.K. one half of that would mean our unemployment rate would go from about 8% to about 5%,that means roughly 2 and a half million people would be working instead of not working.

I find this hard to believe but the experts that follow Chinese politics they have more gridlock with their Executive Council and Politburo than we do over here with Democrats and Republicans,ruling by census doesn’t as fast and efficiently as we would like.

The party has stated their primary goal was to wean the country off of investment growth and to increase exports and to also increase domestic consumption,economist I’m not but would you please explain why you want to lessen investment growth (unless they mean “foreign” investment ) China lends the United States around five billion dollars every Monday morning at 9.00 A.M. every week ,week after week, our national debt is over 17 trillion dollars and at least 20 % of our debt is owed to China.Don’t get upset about who we owe the money to, you can get mad at our politicians for the debt, but I’m glad we owe it to China it is a nice security blanket,all of our problems will be settled at the bargaining table O.K. all of them, they do not and will not ever want to settle our disagreements on the battle field. That my friends is a good thing.

The Eurozone is now officially in a recession,( two consecutive quarters ) with no growth, we are joined at the hips with China and Europe,we need are partners to be financially healthy. We want them to come to this country for their vacations,we want them to be able to afford our exports,the news said that in southern Europe the unemployment rate amongst 25 year old males is close to 50 % in some countries.It will not take much of a spark and you will be having rioting in the streets, that is bad and no fun for anyone , the police trying to control the rioters are their friends and neighbors,I hope it does not happen,but all the ingredients are there for one huge explosion. It will not be very enjoyable if you turn on the six o”clock news and they are showing parts of Europe with police dressed in riot gear with fire hoses and attack dogs trying to control the mobs of people who are rioting because no one has a job and no one has any hope of getting a job but they still owe all of these billions of dollars that were spent when they were little kids.

Better late than never I guess, after all these years we finally came to the conclusion that the Russkies are O.K. Jeeeze-looese it is about time,according to the experts the two big winners are going to be Boeing and Caterpillar, with Russia sitting on top of the worlds largest known deposits of oil,gas and gold.They are one of the few countries that can dig their way out of financial problems.Their are many countries that think they can but they cannot. Their is no reason for us to have trade restrictions with Russia , this has nothing to do with national secrets this is nothing more than pure commerce,the more the merrier. And while we are at it we might as well do the same thing with our friend Fidel,we have had an embargo with Cuba for fifty years and what do we have to show for it, nothing but lost revenue, Castro is doing business with someone else, that’s all.

Minnesota’s Departments of Labor and Education gave a grant to the Community College in Biminji to train 227 people to work in the iron ore mines in northern MN, I do not know if this is a heavy equipment training program that modified their program for these people or if is some sort of heavy equipment operators program that has an OJT (on-the-job ) program set up with one or all of the mines up there.

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